Tuesday, February 19, 2008

got bbq?

Quick! What do you get when you put 9 tall teenage boys in a beachy cottage?

An empty fridge.

LOL Welcome to my world.
It started in the afternoon when Teen Son and one friend *innocently* phoned a couple of other guys wondering if they might want to bbq at the beach. Despite my warnings that it was looking "mighty cold outside", they shrugged me off with their manly scoffs and told me it'd be fine. Right. By the time my hub came home the boys were back--and their numbers had grown considerably--and we'd been shut out of the kitchen by the sheer size of them. Worse, I told hub that although I'd not had a chance to get any dinner together there seemed to be "plenty of food out there."

Ha! One grilled onion strip. That's it...that's all that was left. Grilled cheese, anyone?

p.s. They did clean the kitchen--one of the guys even washed the dishes!--so yeah, they're invited back ;) You know it...

1 comment:

Brittanie said...

I love BBQ. I have heard before about teenage boys appetites. lol
Umm. Now I am craving BBQ. :)