Sunday, February 10, 2008

Between the Lines

Teen Daughter and I watch chick flicks often once the rest of the house is quiet, and our movie of choice on Sat. was The Jane Austen Book Club. Except for a couple of inappropriate scenes (we fast forwarded), we giggled through this story of six people and their quest to read and discuss one Austen book a month. Somewhat predictably, yet no less enjoyable, the characters' lives begin to resemble Austen story lines. How fun is that? I can think of a few movie characters I wouldn't mind being. Actually, scratch that. I'm actually thinking of a few actresses I'd rather look like. Hm.

I digress.
The movie would have been better for us if we'd actually read all six of Jane Austen's novels, so that's our goal. Then we'll rent it again, and when the characters move into their lively discussions of the books, we'll be right there with 'em, at least trying to sound smaht :)

I've never been in a book club myself (although I visited a couple last year!), but I've kept my hubby up late into the night with my one sided discussions of books I've just read (poor guy). Something about late nights and deep thoughts, you know?

How about you?
Do you book club it? Or keep your thoughts to yourself (and anyone else who happens to be stuck in the house with you)?

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Chaos-Jamie said...

I was in a book club. They are totally overrated. Buncha people talking about the book, but "You know, like, I totally, that that she, you know, whatever...not that I actually finished the book, but I did read 30 pages." Now a convo with YOU about a book might be fun.