Monday, February 25, 2008

All wrapped up

Now that we have two teens in the fam, the TP's been having its way with our house more often. Yep, we were TP'd this weekend. If you look to the right of the pic you can see a nearly empty roll slipped onto the end of my beloved beach sign. Oh, the horrors.

It's taken my Pennsylvania-born hubby years to understand that this is actually a compliment; yes, teens in CA use toilet paper to deface the homes of people they like (kind of like my friends and I did to Archie C. when we were, say, 13+ years old...) Apparently, it's not thought of with the same *fondness* in other areas of the country. How about where you live? Share your TP stories here :)

p.s. Thank the good Lord it didn't rain until after the kids--yes, the kids!--cleaned it all up...;0


Anne Dayton said...

I'm (sort of) ashamed to admit I did my fair share of TPing in high school, and it was always someone we liked. Actually, it was almost always some guy one of us liked. I can't ever remember TPing someone one of my friends didn't have a crush on. It's a huge complement!

HolyMama! said...

yes, definitely a compliment! LOVE that beach sign!