Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Newsy news

If you haven't yet signed up for my occasional newsletter, then get crackin' missy. The first issue's almost ready to send out! In it you'll see a preview of the not-yet-seen-before (except by just a handful of peeps) cover of Truffles by the Sea. I'll also be announcing a special, easy way for you to feed a child this summer.

So, chop, chop. The sign up box is to the right, or find it on my website.



Shauna said...

Done. I signed up. Looking forward to the maiden issue!

Vintage Wine said...

Sounds fun!
Of course I'll sign up!
Take care,

Deena said...

Already on it...

Hey, I tried to email you through your website, and it gave me an error message...what's up with that??

Julie said...

Anxiously waiting. :)