Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Fotos!, plus enter to win a copy of Chocolate Beach

Took this pic last year on a trip to Santa Catalina with Pre-Teen Daughter's middle school class. The island sits about 26 miles from the LA area, and it's breathtaking! I run this photo today because, sadly, a brush fire's moving through the island at the moment, and threatening to level the small town of Avalon. This is the second large Southern Cal fire in less than a week. Pre-Teen Daughter made some friends from Catalina on a recent camp trip on the mainland, so say a prayer for their safety, okay?

Speaking of islands, remember that trip out to Anacapa I talked about a couple weeks back? (humor me) This here's a pic of a bonafide blowhole, ie, a hole in a sea cliff in which columns of spray are jetted upward ( Anyway, notice how all the 3rd graders stay carefully back from its menacing explosion (yeah right).

And look what I found! A link to the Chocolate Beach Giveaway I stumbled upon the contest through their monthly newsletter. If you're looking for a fun beach read at a great price (i.e, free), why not enter? Contest ends 5/16. Let me know if you win :)


PastorMac's Ann said...

Too bad about the fire in Southern Ca. Such a beautiful place.

I did the "Random Things" you tagged me with early this week.

Looking forward to reading Truffles by the Sea. I'm sure whoever wins the CBD book giveaway will enjoy Chocolate Beach.

Julie said...

We've had wildfires throughout our area as well. Yesterday the smoke was so thick that officials warned the public not to go outdoors. Florida is desperate for rain!

Thanks for the heads up on the contest...I signed up and will let you know if I win!