Sunday, May 20, 2007

For your Sunday quizzing pleasure...

You Are a Believer

You definitely believe in God - and you're unwavering in your beliefs.
In fact, religion and spirituality are definitely big parts of your life.
Religion shapes how you view right and wrong, as well as the decisions you make.
It's hard for you to imagine how your life would be without your belief in God.


Vintage Wine said...

Hi Julie!

How are you?

I've been really bad at posting on my own blog & reading yours... I just don't have enough time or energy when I get home at night after school :-(
But I love studying law ;-) It feels like God put me exactly where I should be!


Julie Carobini said...

Hi Elisabeth! What a great feeling to know you're in the right place :) And don't worry about not stopping by--summer's coming!

Good to hear from you~