Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Help me feed my family

So the other day I decided to throw culinary caution to the wind and make a recipe I saw in a magazine. The photos looked so yummy and my husband loves capers so I made the crab sliders...and almost everyone in the house hated them. For his part, hubby put on a brave face and ate seconds (says he liked them, but he loves me and wants me to keep cooking so it's suspect ...). My daughter's friend Eva gave me a sad little smile and said, "You tried."


Thankfully, I had some backup pizza in the freezer (I always have backup pizza in the freezer ...) So all was not lost.

Here's where I need your help. Recipes. I need beachy seafood recipes that a cook with two left thumbs (that would be me) could make and that her sea-loving family would love. Any ideas? Send them to me via the contact page of my website or a FB message. If I pick yours (and the fam actually finishes the meal) ~ I'd be happy to send you my two current Otter Bay releases: Sweet Waters & A Shore Thing.

Ready? Set? GO!


Everything Coastal said...

Good Morning! Posting your plea on my Caron's Beach House facebook page - might want to check out my blog for some ideas too!

Used Coastal Living's lobster mac and cheese recipe last weekend. YUM!!! Used shrimp too, and have also used crab instead of the lobster. Terrific leftovers!

Sherry Kyle said...

Hop on over to my blog and find some good recipes! :) In the search box, type 'Recipe Monday' and you'll get a handful of good ideas. :)


Sherry Kyle said...

Oh, my website is