Sunday, October 03, 2010

We're living in a Justin Bieber world ...

So my youngest daughter turned 12 last week ~ at camp. Last year she was away, too. Sigh. I sent a "party in a box" both years but still! Mama needs to give her kid a hug. Just sayin' :) So when she got home, I couldn't wait to give her the rest of her gifts, which included a baseball cap. Not just any old baseball cap, but a NY Yankees cap ~ the same kind that Justin Bieber aka "JB" wears.

Oh the squealing, the joy, the covering of one's beautiful brunette hair 24/7! We also gave her a couple of JB's CDs ~ and listened to them on the way to and from a soccer game out in the desert yesterday.

Some moms judge me, but whatev! At her age, I was in *love* with Donny Osmond. Practically had my bags packed, intent on moving to Utah when my parents weren't looking. I had purple socks, and a room covered in Donny pictures torn out of Tiger Beat and the like. My family would tell you that I was obsessed, but I turned out okay.

Right? (Right?!)

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Diane said...

We all had our crushes. I'm sure she loved those gifts. :O)