Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Surfboards and woody wagons

Picking out fabric to recover my dining chairs should've been easy. Gobs of luscious designs and textures packed every aisle. Chenille, tapestry, linen and jacquard--you name it. For years I'd covered (and re-covered) the chairs in "family-friendly" fabrics, those with surfaces slick enough to wipe away small fingerprint-shaped smears of all kinds.

But my children are older now, I thought, and so am I. It was time for grown-up chairs. So I perused and fussed, and fingered and fretted. Swatches made their way home with me only to be tossed aside like soiled rag dolls.

I made one last attempt to make a decision, pacing the store, my mood becoming darker by the second. And that's when I saw it: a half-hidden section of beach-style fabrics. Wouldn't you know it? My heart lifted as if the sun had just burned through a blanket of fog. Who needs formality anyway? Have a seat:

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Trish Ryan said...

How fabulous!
I love re-covering chair makes me feel like such an accomplished interior designer, when really it's all about negotiating the screwdriver and staplegun without hurting yourself :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog (looking for chocolate books) and think it's a hoot! I love the cover of your upcoming novel - congratulations! It would certainly stop me in my tracks at the bookstore.

Vintage Wine said...

I love it :-)
And I agree, how needs formality? It`s much better to go with a relaxed beach style that makes you think of a fun day at the beach!

Julie Carobini said...

Thanks for the kudos, gals. Have a beachy weekend!


Damselfly said...

Too cool! Perfect for where you live.