Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So much to do!

Busy stuff going on around here but I thought I'd take a minute to say, "Hey," to my blogging buds. Hope you all are getting into the fall groove. We don't see many leaves change along this end of California, so for those of you in the East, I hope you'll take an extra glance at those fiery colors for me when the time comes.

For those interested in watching a fun fiction experiment unfold, stop by Charis Connection.

For those dying to discuss violence in Christian Fiction, stop by FaithinFiction.

Here's a shout out to my brother Dan Navarro, who claims he hasn't gotten much (okay, any) press on this blog. (sheesh) You'll find him listed on the staff page of a prestigious architecture firm. (There, is that good?)

Have a fabulous day, wherever you are, and I'll check in soon!

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Robin said...

Hey fellow chocolate friend...with your "so much to do" post, you're gonna shoot me :). Since your brain short-circuited from the book meme I tagged ya with, I found another that might be a bit easier :). My September 12 post is a "Fours" meme, and was much easier for me than the book one.

Oh, yeah, I tagged ya again (are you gonna smack me around a bit, or should I just give it up).

Grinning, knowing you're busy, but it's an easy, fun post. Lemme know if you do it!