Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spa Action

Heading off to a writer's conference, but wanted to revisit the Spa Extravaganza from last Friday. As I said, the Day of Pampering was a gift for my pal Deb and me from our husbands. Here are just a few things we learned:

1. Massage therapists like to say things like, "What's your body saying to you?" when they actually mean, "What hurts and I'll hurt it more."

2. Esteticians laugh. A lot.

3. Blackheads are gross. Enough said.

4. That little lever in the steam room actually turns ON the overhead shower. Full bore.

5. If you're going to actually drink mysterious green stuff, make sure there's a bathroom nearby. Or a plant.

6. Multi-bean soup brings on multi-problems.

7. 250 calories for lunch is.just.not.right.

8. Maybe the pedicurist really has seen weirder toes.

9. Husbands that care this much ROCK.

10. No matter how tough it is to make the time to get there, IT'S WORTH IT!

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Anonymous said...

HA! Love this post!