Monday, March 13, 2006

Who's Havin' the Better Time?

Found this pic on a local realtor's website. Would you look at that air!


Susan said...

How cool is that? Did you take that picture yourself?

I wish I was on the beach today! :)


Anonymous said...

wow, that's gorgeous!

were you looking at realtor's sites due to the remodel stress?

get to feeling better!

ps i will NOT be on the internet making careless americal idol comments this week. Just so ya know.

Julie Carobini said...

Hey gals--nope, didn't take the pic. I wish! Could start a whole new career :-)

And hm!, do you know me or what? My perusal of realtor sites is the bane of my hubby's life. We've got a lovely (albeit small) home in a great area, but wouldn't it be nice to, um, just have a look, every once in awhile, at something a tad larger? Or with a view? Or with a dock? Or, or, or??

(talk to you after AI, ha, ha)

Anonymous said...

Great photo. Dolphins have all the fun.

Anonymous said...

hey mom

where did you get that pic

it really is beautiful

luvv ya


Chaos-Jamie said...

Hello? How are we supposed to fill your Friday inbox when you don't blog for a whole week? At least tell us how your daughter feels about the Idol cast off!

Or have I confused you with someone else? :-)

Julie Carobini said...

Oh, you are SO right Jamie! But I've had the flu, we're remodeling (sort of) our bedroom so it's in chaos, and I'm in charge of the database for a school fundraiser that's happening THIS Saturday! Whaaaa!

Thanks for checking in though :-) By the way, we were all SHOCKED that Ace and Lisa were in the bottom three. And our daughter went through definite Will withdrawals this week--but she's a survivor :-) Ooops--wrong reality show reference

Julie Carobini said...
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Chaos-Jamie said...

Ewwww. I had the flu last weekend. No fun. My blog says "Fever, can't type." Well, basically. Glad you're better.

Dan Navarro said...

No, no, it isn't true. It's all a lie! The Pacific Coast isn't beautiful, it just looks that way in pictures.

Stay home. Please. And take some of these other transplants with you. About 10 million of them.

Then, maybe we could drive the freeways easily again, with no hassles.

Too many people have bought into the myth that California is like Eden, only better. It just looks and feels that way. Stay home.

D. N.