Tuesday, February 02, 2010

still wingin' it

I do not miss all the smoochin' that former Bachelors relied on for ratings. There's nothing worse than a guy who tells a girl he's totally into her, makes out with her, then does the same thing with another girl the very next day (or next hour). Rinse, repeat.

That said, this season's a tad boring. If I wrote this kind of dialog into a novel, I'd never write again. Most overused line: "How are you?" blah, blah, blah. Maybe the other bachelors were boring too, but I was too busy being grossed out by all that tongue bathing to notice.

On the flip side, my daughters can watch with me without having to fast forward a hundred times. (I do, however, still remind them that when it comes to finding your man, "This is not how it's done." Yeah, and they love me for my reminders...)

Seriously, Jake seems like a genuinely nice guy, even with that smile that at times resembles the Joker's. He's kind-hearted and that's a good thing in a prospective husband. And I'm glad he had at least one semi-deep moment when Tenley asked him what he expected from a wife. He said "that she's always got my back" and "Respect." (On a side note, I called out to my husband, "Hey, do I always have your back?" Hubby: "Yeah, yeah, back." Me: "And do I respect you?" Hubby: "Hm? Yeah, respect. Yeah."

But my favorite moment came after Tenley asked Jake about pilots and cheating. He said, "Cheating's a choice. The woman I marry will be the last woman I look at."

Okay, now that was good.


Diane Marie Shaw said...

Can I use this line: He said, "Cheating's a choice. The woman I marry will be the last woman I look at," in a book? That was great.

Julie Carobini said...

Cool by me, Diane! Just hope that the reader's never seen The Bachelor :)

Tim King said...

I had a similar experience last week, watching America's Worst Chef, in which people who try to boil water and burn it, they supposedly learn how to cook. The show infuriated me, because—guess what—it has nothing to do with teaching anybody how to cook. It has to do with a couple hoity-toity bossy chefs making idiots and losers out of a bunch of poor people, who are probably there just because they wanted to be on TV. A real teacher, who really wanted to show her students how to cook, would handle the situation completely differently.