Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Idol Season begins

Watched American Idol in its entirety last night. Those of you who've been around awhile here on this blog know the obsession that Idol season usually brings. This year, though, I've been rather 'meh' about the whole thing. And I realized why: I miss Paula.

I know, I know, she was sometimes hard to figure. She could be wishy washy, and vague, and speak in purple prose ( me). Nothing against Ellen. She's also someone who takes a more pollyannish view of the contestants, something they need after being pummeled by Simon and the others. But Paula's work in the music biz gave her an edge in the credibility department.

So on to the show... Last night, the Top 12 women sang and it was ... just okay. If I had to wager ~ haha, don't be accusing me of promoting gambling now ~ I'd say that Lacey and Michelle will go home. Third guess is Ashley. I liked them all, but two have to leave, so those are my guesses.

Mi favorita of the night was Katelyn Epperly in her 80s hair singing Oh Darlin.

What did you think?


Sherry Kyle said...

Usually I write down all the girls names and the songs they sung and actually pick up the phone to call. This time around I kept flipping the channel between Idol and the Olympics. Seriously, Idol could be an hour without all the commercials. (My dh keeps saying we should get DVR...I'm considering) Anyway, like you I liked Katelyn. She's adorable. I also think Paige has an amazing voice and I hope Didi goes far. The gal in the red hair (can't remember her name) was off-key. Too bad. I like her. I think she looks the part. As to who is going home? I have no clue. Personally, I can't wait to hear the guys tonight.

Julie Carobini said...

Oh, Sherry, the dvr has been such a great investment. We actually just had one put in another room too. With five of us on varying schedules, it makes for a lot less drama :-)

Like you, I'm looking forward to hearing the guys sing tonight too.

Ronel Sidney said...

I am not a huge fan or follower of the show but I watched it with a friend this weekend & I still don't get having Ellen on the show. I guess I I think the judges should be in the music business otherwise their input really doesn't mean much... maybe I am just wrong.

Sarah said...

I miss Paula too!! :(

Early favorites are Didi, Katie, and Crystal, but I thought Katelynn was great tonight too!