Friday, February 26, 2010

AI says goodbye and a beach break!

Sad to see Joe an Janelle go, since both have nice chops, but wasn't surprised about the other two. Although I have to say, Tyler in a bathrobe and short boots make good television...Fox'll probably lose a few Nielson points for letting the 70s throwback go. Btw, Kris Allen's getting better and better, don't you think?

On to other things...

Yesterday I got super STUCK on the novel I'm writing. Unusual since I'm nearing the end and this is the spot when, normally, I'd race to the finish. But there's been a lot going on in our family lately, plus a cold last week, and I think my brain had all it could take. So yesterday afternoon, I threw on sweats and running shoes and hit the beach. Only for a little while, but woo-hoo, it opened things up for me. I realized that sitting alone in this tiny office every day doesn't exactly dredge up incredible creativity. Other than text messages with my kids all the livelong day ;), I was beginning to feel closed in and unimaginative.

But all that ocean spray awoke my senses. I watched waves crest like jade walls and fat plover skitter at my feet and the tide wash over glittery, smooth rocks. Ahhhh! It was good to get out of this office and go somewhere other than the grocery store and my kids' schools.

Here's hoping YOU can find a way to take a break at one of your favorite spots. Have a beachy weekend, my friends ~ wherever you are :-)


Elle Strauss said...

A little chillly for the beach here. Wish I were you!

Brittanie said...

I am hopefully going to Destin, FL, the first week in June. I cannot wait. This time of the year I always get ants in my pants. I am so ready for summer. Here in the deep South we are having record lows and snow. :)