Friday, February 05, 2010

Pass me a hanky

I'm holed up in a hotel room far north of home today, writing as fast as I can. My hubby's attending an all day seminar, so I jumped at the chance to get some undistracted writing time. Of course, since I've been here I've been in touch with two out of three kids several times, played on the Internet, and eaten butter cookies for breakfast (a courtesy of the hotel). Lord, please help me write that killer scene today!

No view of the beach from here, but the mountains are pretty and I've got a late checkout (woo-hoo!). So here I go (again). Off to write a scene that's sure to break my heart...any wonder why I keep avoiding it?

On another note, Dear John comes out today. It's based on Nicholas Sparks' novel, which teen daughter and I loved. It also broke my heart into a million pieces and I can't wait to see it with her when I return. I'll try to save some Kleenex for then! (If you have a chance to see it, leave me a comment!)

Have a beachy day, my friends ~ wherever you are!


Diane Marie Shaw said...

I am holed up in a coffee shop close to where my husband is working. This is so I won't be distracted by the mound of work at home. I am supposed to be writing. I did get a new blog post up but now I am reading everyone else's blogs. Got to get to my novel and another project I am supposed to be working on.
Hope you get lots done today.

Julie Carobini said...

Good for you, Diane! Here's the trick I'm using on myself today: I set the alarm on my phone for breaks and I'm not allowed to go online until it rings. So far it's working; I've got quite a bit written :)

Here's to productivity!

Faith Imagined said...

I'm praying for your scene, Julie!

Tim King said...

Heartbreaking scenes can be hard, but remember what you told me about them: that they're growth experiences for your characters, they make them the kind of people they will become.

On another note, Dear John is on my shelf, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Wasn't going to, as I have a bunch of other books I'd also like to read. But maybe now it gets pushed up a notch. (I'm ashamed to admit: a little envious of Nicholas Sparks. :-) )


Julie Carobini said...

Hope you got some writing done, Diane! And thanks for the prayers, Faith! That scene was tough! I rewrote it a bunch, but for now, I'm satisfied with it. Anyway, I've moved on, Lol

As for Nicholas Sparks, Tim, aren't we all? I've read quite a few of his books, and while I'm not always happy with their endings, I recognize the heart he puts into them. Yowza! And just one more thing: the movie and book do not end the same way. Read the book first, if you can!