Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart thoughts

People often ask how long it takes to write a book, and don't hate me, but I usually pull a number out of the air. That's because in addition to the writing, there's also the research, and the plotting, and the editing, etc. I'm too unorganized to account for all that time, hence the reason I can't come up with a hard number on that.

So I'm in the thick of writing Otter Bay Novel #3. Love the story, but I'm oh-so-tired of sitting on my derriere. And frankly, I'm just plain, oh-so-tired.

Thankfully, my hubby makes me a latte every morning (yes!) Here's the one he made the other day, complete with his first attempt at creating a heart on top. I set it next to a book about the sea that sits on my nightstand, patiently waiting for me to crack open its pages and give it a look. I figure as soon as I'm done writing this book, then I'll have the time.

Just don't ask me how long that'll be... ;)


Tim King said...

A heart on top! OMG, that is so sweet!

Bubbling over here.

No matter what number I put on writing a book, always some monkey wrench gets caught in the works, which changes it. I think it's more important to know where in your process you are, to know when you currently (based on latest progress) expect to make the next mini-milestone, and to show progress each day toward it.


Ronel Sidney said...

So sweet!! I, too have been slacking on my reading however; I can't seem to stop buying books to read :0) I have no real excuse not to read either ... hoping you have a fantastic day!!