Monday, February 08, 2010

After hubby's conference on Friday (and my marathon writing session in the hotel room), we were planning to head home for our daughter's soccer tourney. Because of rains, though, the tourney was canceled (Ok, all you in the east...go ahead and get your laughs out. We'll wait.)

So anyway, since we were no longer pressed for time, we stopped in Cambria on the way home. Cambria is the inspiration for my Otter Bay Novels, by the way. While there, I finally took Tour #2 at the famed Hearst Castle. You may remember this post when my girls and I got stuck in a 'gulley washer' up there on the central coast. We had tickets for the tour then, but due to dangerous winds, the castle had to be closed.

So glad the rain didn't close up The Ranch (as it's sometimes called) this time. Loved the tour! On the way up we spotted barbary sheep and black-tailed deer. Took gobs of notes for my work-in-progress, due out next year. You're gonna love it!

Hubby took this pic of me at the castle gift shop. It could be anywhere USA, but he thought it most appropriate to take my picture next to a glass dolphin. Lol...I agree :)

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