Monday, February 22, 2010

Doesn't he look angelic?

Found this picture of Charlie the Dog on my iPhone. My daughter likes to dress him up occasionally, and he always complies. You'd think he had the sweetest disposition ever, you know, to put up with all that fussing. But you'd be wrong. We adopted Charlie over a year ago and he still doesn't like many people, but for some reason, he puts up with all of us. Go figure.

He was actually my model for Moondoggy in A Shore Thing (see sidebar). Moondoggy is irresistible too, but friendlier to strangers. Although maybe he'd rethink that if his family kept putting funny hats on him.

Ah, well! Have a beachy day, my friends ~ wherever you are :-)


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Tim King said...

How cute. My kids leave photos sometimes on my phone, too. Maybe one of these days I'll post some of them. :-)