Monday, January 12, 2009

weekend wrap up

I'm cranky today, so I posted this beach pic to lighten the mood.

it's the cold/allergies I'm fighting. Or the fatigue. Or maybe it's because I can't glance at the news without reading ad nauseum about the Pitt/Jolie snub of Ryan Seacrest.

Doesn't anyone have anything better to report?

I had an entire post about the GG written, but decided to delete it rather than make you all cranky too :) Haha--you're welcome.

On to other things: Over the weekend, we celebrated two birthdays and attended a fun dinner and basketball game at Pepperdine University in Malibu. A nail-biter of a game, but Pepperdine rallied and beat Loyola-Marymount by two points. We celebrated with a nearly midnight run to In&Out (for those not in California, this is the best burger place ever.)

Also played around with my sidebar--did you notice? I hadn't checked out the Blogger Basics in a while, so how fun to find that navigation and apps have gotten so much easier. I wrote a bit about my new finds on the CAN blog--a marketing blog for writers--last Friday. Feel free to pop on over and scroll down to the 1/9/09 post to take a look, no matter what your vocation.

I've already
spent the morning editing, now I'm off to write for a bit. I love taking breaks, so feel free to tell me about your weekend. Until then, have a beachy day--wherever you are :)


Mandi said...

Aww, I love the cheery beach scene! Quite a change from our "blizzard" we've got going on here!

Thanks for the "hi"!!

Carrie Padgett said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for the visit and the comment. I like your thinking, because we *will* be rich and famous, right?

I noticed in your profile, most of your favorites are mine, too. Except Jane Austen Book Club. I tivoed it to watch again to see if I missed something the first time.

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. We spent the weekend in beautiful SEDONA, AZ....ahhhhh. There's another beautiful place. I posted some pictures on my blog and facebook if you need some more cheering up, Julie.

No matter how cranky I am, or if I'm suffering from writer's block....Sedona always straightens me out.

Probably because I'm so close to God's beauty...just out the back door of my dad's house (he lives there). It whips me back into shape pretty quickly. **smile**

Hope you have a good day today!

Julie Carobini said...

sorry about the blizzard, Mandi--yikes.

and Carrie, I liked Jane the second time around, probably because i made a point to read more of the books they discuss :)

hey lynn, thanks for the sidona thoughts, lol. i've always heard it's breathtaking there--glad you had a chance to visit!