Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Big Event (the other one)

Since nearly the whole world is watching TV today, and since from day 1 this has never been a political blog, I've decided to write today about the other event that's been on everyone's mind: The Bachelor (of course)

So here's my 2cents:

Stephanie's elegant--but probably not right for him. I do love her though! Melissa's cute, cute, cute, and probably has a shot at the final two. It's a long way out, but as of now, I think he'll end up choosing Jillian. She seems to dazzle him.

But wait...what's this? In the middle of writing this post, I went on the hunt for the name of one of the women, and ended up spying a supposed season spoiler on Youtube. Of course, I watched it. So, heh-heh, I may be wrong about my earlier prediction.

Moving on, I think it rather unkind the way Jason dumped the blonde gal(eek--can't recall her name). He twirled the rose in his fingers and didn't give it to her. Not nice. But then again, he might have been nervous. Or maybe the mean ol' producers made him do that to turn up the drama. If I were novelizing this, I'd do the same thing. Regardless, I posted a pic of him being dumped by Deanna, you know, to even the score (as if).

Finally, Erica's behavior made me feel very, very sorry for her. Oh to have one's selfishness aired in high-def!

Speaking of bettering oneself I was chastised last week for suggesting that a study of the book of Esther might be a good thing for some of the women, but hey, I'm studying Esther too. So what's good for me, just might be good for them too. Instead of a snark fest like the one shown this week, let's show the women getting down with the Word instead. Personally, I'd like to see it.

And a shout out to my friends battling winter in the east: may God keep you comfy warm today!

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