Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Mellow Bachelor

So last night, after a long day of editing, and coupon shopping, and hanging with Elementary Girl who's home for one more week of vacation, my guilty pleasure consisted of watching Jason on The Bachelor try to navigate a female-mine field. Can't say I agreed with all his choices for a rose, but hey, he's the one looking for a wife.

For the most part, it was a mellower show than most (I say 'most' because I've purposely skipped some of the more tacky episodes of years past and can't compare them all). One reason for the more pleasant viewing experience is that Jason's a single dad with a young son who's looking for a wife and a mother for his boy. So the ladies, most of them anyway, were watching their behavior. Besides, viewers already know Jason, and frankly, he seems to be a really sweet guy. (I know, I know, guys think he has us women snowed...)

Oh, but those edited previews for coming shows! Did you see them? Cattiness rears its head--and Deanna comes back! It appears that she tells Jason she made a mistake last season, and furthermore, it appears that he ends up in tears at the edge of a balcony. (I had to explain to my husband that women are not turned off by this sensitive male thing. Quite the opposite).

So it's going to be a good season. And I will be watching to stay current, to be a writer who keeps her finger on the pulse of our ever-changing culture. Yeah, that's why I'm watching, for research :)


Mrs. Sidney said...

I recorded the show so I haven't watched it yet but I have a question: Do you think Deanna and him end up together seeing that she isn't engaged anymore?

I can't wait to get home to watch the show.

Julie Carobini said...

Oh, I don't know Mrs. S. They toy with us, you know? I did watch last season and was floored that she didn't choose Jason, just floored! (Although I always tell my kids, this isn't how it's done, ha!)

However, she didn't announce her split until Nov. 3, probably too late to recatch Jason. So I'm thinking this is just a set up to throw us all off the track. It's working, Lol...

Sarah said...

In other guilty pleasure "reality" TV news, American Idol next Tuesday!! Will you be there (in front of your TV), Julie?;)

Patty Coats said...

Okay, I admit to watching the show -- though I tell my PBS-watching mom, "You wouldn't like it." Entertainment Weekly wrote a really funny recap of the show: here's the irreverent, but funny link


Hope you enjoy the 'recap' as much as I did.

Julie Carobini said...

Hahaha....Patti! I bookmarked that site so I could read MY thoughts each week (without actually having to write them myself).

Good one.

Julie Carobini said...

And Sarah, OF COURSE!