Monday, January 19, 2009

Calm, assertive energy

My neighborhood looks like the day after a parade on this fine MLK jr. holiday morning, but at least the winds are gone. For now. Over the past month, we've had many days of super-high winds where dry palm fronds literally pop off their hinges and smack onto tile roofs (we've lost 4 tiles at least) and cars or anywhere really. Maybe it's Global Gusting or something.

Anyway, Charlie the dog and I narrowly missed getting beaned on Friday by a wayward frond, and the sudden, heart-stopping sound of the fall caused the doggy to leap and skitter, and me to call the city parks dept. Still waiting for a call

of being calm, Elementary Girl's soccer team played a tourney over the weekend and won their pool. They go on to the next set of games now. My daughter's been playing soccer for years and she's always been good, but let me just ask--when did she become such a monster defender? Oh my. So proud of her! But my heart? Not so calm. Come to think of it, my shoulders were pretty tense too. Lol...anyone else know what I'm talking about? So much for being able to maintain what the Dog Whisperer calls calm-assertive energy.

Ah, well. No games today, and so far, no wind. Think it's going to be a good one. Have a beachy day my friends--wherever you are!


Unknown said...

There was snow falling in Nashville as I was driving to work this morning.

I can so relate to being stressed as your children are doing their thing. My daughter is in fashion design and the first show I was a nervous wreck.

I finished your book, Sweet Water, this weekend and loved it. It is so much like my family the past couple of years, I think you might have been watching us. It was a great read! I hope that it does good for you.

Anonymous said...

It was wicked windy this morning out here in the desert. WARM, but windy. It's been crazy lately.

Here's to a calmer afternoon