Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calgon, do your thing!

Dog got out. One daughter ill. One daughter running late. One minute I'm dreaming of ocean breezes, the next I'm hyperventilating. But if life came easy, would there be anything to write about?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

In fact, it's conflict that I'm working to deepen in my new work-in-progress, the second in my Otter Bay Novel series. New characters, new story line, and yet the same beautiful stretch of coast as setting.

So one of the things I've done in my research is to to study a development battle that happened not too long ago in city similar to Otter Bay (which is a fictional town set on the very real Central California coast). It's fascinating what you can dig up on the Internet these days. Newsletters and articles and blog posts paint a bigger picture than what the finalized deal displayed. Plus, I'm getting first-hand accounts to help me make my own story that much richer. The more conflict, the better (and the more real!).

As for my own bouts of stress, I just might head down to the beach for a little respite today. Last week my husband and I happened to reach the sand just as a whale surfaced off shore. Such a breathtaking sight!!! It's whale watching season thru March, and I wouldn't mind a do over of this! And who knows, when my newest heroine can't take all the conflict anymore, she just might take herself--and her readers--on a little whale watching excursion of her own.


Ronel said...

I really need to get down to the beach, too. My morning was full of struggles with my little one but I kept telling myself it will all be okay....

Thanks for sharing!!

Julie Carobini said...

The beach was HOT this afternoon. Just why did I wear sleeves??? Women were wearing bikinis--and it's only January. Still, a nice respite that gave me a recharge to get back into the book.

Hope you got there too, Mrs. S!