Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Obsession Continues...

We've just completed two nights of the new season of American Idol. The calendars have been cleared, and potential visitors forewarned: we are preoccupied on Tues/Wed nights until mid June. (Unless we find something better to do.)

So anyway, I asked twitter/facebook friends what they thought of Kara, and so far, it's all good. I agree. She's a fun and actually helpful addition to the show. Do you think so too? I especially liked the solidarity she and Paula showed on night #1 when bikini-girl took the stage. You go girls!

And there were a few standouts I can think of at the moment, and heart-warming stories too (should have taken notes!). Off the top I remember the 16 year old girl who sang Etta James (nice!), Danny the recent widower (sweet), the mom of three who survived a tornado (she can sing!!!), and the middle school band leader who pulled off a Michael Jackson song (surprising). There were more, so remind me!

Meeting a friend for coffee
this morning, then I'll be writing until late afternoon when our new dog trainer arrives. Hope he can help us tame the wild beast we adopted, Lol... Seriously, Charlie the dog is a sweetie--to everyone except teenish-aged boys. Since we've got one living in the house (and he's got a ton of friends), this won't do. No, no, no. It's been tough, but we're hopeful!

Have a beachy day--wherever you are!


lynnrush said...

You know what's funny? I can't stand American Idol audition phases.....the lack of talent makes my skin crawl...It's like nails down a chalkboard, really.

So, I sit next to my sweet hubby with my headphones on and my computer on my lap (I'm working on a new novel) and he nudges me when a good voice comes on (my hubby sings, so he can pick 'em out better than me, I'm tone deaf practically.)

It's a great system. BUT, when it comes to the final ten, then I'll watch for real, no headphones.

I know, I'm a fair-weather fan.

Kara who? Just kidding. No idea why they added her. I hear it's because the ratings went down 8% each year the last two years. But who knows???

Julie Carobini said...

I felt that way for the first few years, Lynn. Only watched the finals. But now I'm over it, Lol... Still, it's awfully time consuming and I'm glad it won't be on again until next week. In any case, I should do like you and keep my laptop handy so I can get some work done ;)