Monday, July 07, 2008

Writing on Monday--Gettin' it done

I'm in the thick of writing my next book, but summer keeps getting in the way ;) This week, Teen Son and Teen Daughter are away at camp, and Elementary Girl has day camp to attend. So I'm upping my daily word count to get this puppy done. Next week we're heading north (hopefully the fires will have subsided) to the area along California's central coast that has inspired this particular book series. It'll be a vacation-slash-research trip, and I can't wait to set up my computer near an ocean view window and edit away...ahhh!

Speaking of fires,
my good pal, Katie Cushman and her family are under mandatory evacuation orders--yikes! Please offer a prayer for them and the whole Santa Barbara community that is once again under heavy smoke. She's been posting pics on her blog, and just looking at them makes me want to cough.

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Mrs. Sidney said...

I can't wait to read your new series!!

Have a great week!!

I will continue to pray for the people in Northern California!!