Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hangin' with Kev

So Hubby, Teen Son, and I took a bike ride through downtown Ventura tonight, and check out who we ran into--Kev, KC...KEVIN COSTNER! Lol... Yeah, Kev grew up in this town, so he threw a 'little' party, which included dinner & movie (Swing Vote) for $500 a pop (money goes to local charities). After the premier, he and his band gave a free concert in the center of town.

We ended up watching the whole thing unfold from our spot at the top of California St., aka the famed 'C' street, known for great surf where it meets the beach. Anyway, there we were, focusing our binocs on the stage below when look who shows up within kiss-blowing distance! He was staring right at me, I'm sure of it...yeah, uh-huh. So I fumbled the camera and only got this profile shot. See him?

He was attempting to make a sneaky entrance when someone in our section called out, "Isn't that him?" That's when the cheering started, and Kev playfully shushed us with a forefinger to his boyish lips. Haha...sorry, started lapsing into scene writing...

Where was I? Yeah, the concert. Here's a pic of Kev with his guitar, and band, Modern West, tellin' stories, and singin' songs. Who knew the guy could sing? Tell me this...!

Here's the theater where the big premier took place. This is a shot of the crowd milling about, you know, just in case Somebody Big stepped out.

Pretty much the population of Ventura, right there on Main and California.

p.s. Click on the last picture to enlarge it, and see the ocean view over top of that stage. Mah-ve-lous.

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Vader's Mom said...

Fun!! And that shot of the stage with the ocean behind it - just amazing!!!