Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Writing on Monday--a day late--CAN

Did I mention that while on vacation last week, in California no less, there was nearly zero cellphone access? And to get wireless for my laptop, I had to sit in my car, in a restaurant parking lot, and catch a stray signal. LOL... The proliferation of cell phones, etc., has made story writing all the more difficult. I mean, when the heroine gets lost, or her boyfriend turns up missing, don't you sometimes want to say, "Hey, just use your cell phone!"? If it weren't for dropped (or in last week's case, missing) signals, I don't know what we novelists would do...

Speaking of writers (we sort of were, weren't we?), I've recently joined up with a fabulous organization called CAN (Christian Authors Network). If you're interested in the writing field (non-fiction included!), the network offers a wealth of career info from seasoned professionals (how's that for a brochure-worthy sentence?) Feel free to stop by and check them, I mean 'us', out :)

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