Thursday, July 24, 2008

All the pretty colors

I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.

~ Winston Churchill

...unless they are chocolate browns, of course ;)

~ Julie Carobini

So in between writing, and a million other things, I've been trying to help my girls--who share a room--pick just the right shade of green for their bedroom walls. They're about to get a fresh coat of paint. Oh, baby, there's a lot of greens! Bright kinds, muted shades, ones that cast a yellow pall in unnatural light. Ack. At the moment, we've settled on a bright happy color that I can only call #430, since I, uh, forgot to write down its trendy name.

Speaking of God's beautiful and varied palette, here are a few pics from our trip up north last week. The top one shows my "office," since this was a working trip. Although it's tough to see in the pic, the view above the tree tops is of the vast and mesmerizing Pacific Ocean, in vibrant blue, no less (translation: I didn't get much written ;)

We had deer. Lots and lots of fearless deer--spotted babies, mommies, and bucks--day and night, all over the place. Loved it, even when I had to hike right next to them to get back home.

And hubby took this picture at rosy sunset as I sat in my favorite spot. I miss that view!!! And the island-time pace...(happy) sigh.


RefreshMom said...

I always tell myself I want to rent a place at the beach so I can get some writing done, but I have a feeling I'd spend all my time staring out the window! (I really ought to try it at least once though, shouldn't I?) I also should get back to my book set in that area so I can justify a trip! Maybe we can meet up some time for a writing weekend! Looking forward to the book and seeing familiar spots in the pages.

Mrs. Sidney said...

I loved the pictures!!!
I have missed reading your blogs!
Have a great weekend,

Julie Carobini said...

Ooh, refreshmom--we could sit out at Moonstone Grill, and never get anything done at all!!!

Thanks, Ronel--It may be summer, but I've been busier than ever ;0

Vader's Mom said...

It looks so peaceful. But it is nice to have you back :)