Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Saturday! I've been awol, primarily because the humidity in my neck of the coast has turned my mind to mush. Did y'all register the worldwide shock when Deanna picked Jesse last week? (Except you, Mrs. Sidney) We'd been out, so I just caught the end of the show, and what a shocker. Watched it back on tivo the other night though and kept thinking how nice that Jesse cleaned up, lol. Haircuts are a good thing, you know? Speaking of reality shows, sweet Shane left Food Network Star last weekend. Knew that would happen soon, but he's a good kid. Kind of intense, but a sweetheart. I'm rattling on about reality t.v....did I tell you my mind was mush this week or what?

We're off for some r&r along the central coast of California, one of my favorite spots ever. I've told you before that my next three books are set around there. Lots of moonstones, and rocky coves, and foggy mornings followed by sunny days. Can't wait. When I can find a hot spot (and I'm not referring to the fires!), I'll stop in with news. Otherwise, have a beachy weekend, wherever you are!

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Mrs. Sidney said...

I was nervous she wouldn't pick Jesse but it looks like it all worked out. I hope they really do get married... I like happily ever afters.

The heat is starting to get to my brain, too. I haven't done anything all day.. maybe I should go try to do something :)!!

Have a good weekend.