Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fodder

For those who missed this yesterday, here's a sheet of bubblewrap for you (Teen Daughter got addicted to this last night :).

I've still got a word count to finish today but it's Friday and the girls are out of school early and one of them has an event to get ready for tonight. Plus the sun's out and my garden's begging for some attention. Hm, choices, choices. I think I'll hang out my new garden flag, watch the hummingbirds siphon their red juice (that's a pic of my new lighthouse bird feeder to your left), then sneak in a few hours of work. After that, the weekend's here -- yippee ;-)

Have a beachy one--wherever you are!

p.s. Read any good books lately? I'm looking for some recommendations (because I've already read my own--Lol...)


Ronel said...

Good morning Julie,
You can tell it is Friday in my office. I think I might sneak out early today and enjoy the sunshine.

Other than your book this is the book I last loved (would you like my copy it is just collecting dust?)

Savannah from Savannah
By Denise Hildreth

Julie Carobini said...

I hope you do get outside today, Ronel. And what a sweet offer! I haven't read that one, but I do have a copy of Savannah by the Sea that I could swap with you, if you'd like. If so, send me a snail mail address by email, alrighty?

Tx :) (my address is on my website)

Ronel said...

Have you read Savannah by the Sea?

Brittanie said...

Have you read the chick lit series by Erynn Mangum? Also Angela Hunt has a series called Fairlawn that is really good. The second book is coming out any time now. So many good books. :)

Julie Carobini said...

Hi Ronel, Yes! I've read S by the S :)

And Brittanie, thanks for the recs! I'll check them out :)

Harley girl said...

I love the lighthouse bird feeder, since Im a lighthouse fan. I havent seen one like this.

Julie Carobini said...

Hey Harley Girl, I was just about to buy a traditional feeder when my mom pointed out this one. Had to have it!