Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hair and outfits and velvet voices!

First off, I had a gazillion hits yesterday, but only about 9 comments, which makes me wonder if some of you thought I was serious about the Amish-Lit thing, haha! It was April Fool's, you know, so before you go off and try to reserve your copy, well, don't! (Now watch, someone else'll propose it and make a zillion bucks!)

On to AI.
I'm so glad David Cook got a haircut--he's got a nice face under there! Although at times his facial expressions reminded me of Jason's...heehee. As for Jason, I believe Simon was wrong. Started a bit slow, but he really got into the song mid-way, and even belted the ending, so go-Jason! Anybody else cringe when Syesha chose a Whitney song? I know Dolly wrote it, but the judges are usually hard on those who try to take on Whitney, as both Randy & Simon were this time around. Despite that, Syesha is immensely talented.

When Kristy Lee Cook
was singing, I learned over to my hubby and said, "Paula's going to tell her she looks fabulous," and I was right. Ha! One of the first things Paula said was, "Kristy you look stunning!" And Carly sounded better than Simon said she did, but I can't exactly disagree with what he said about her clothes (only on how he said it). As for David "We Love You!!!!" A., he's still a cutie with a smokey man voice in a teenaged body. Whatever happens, he'll have a long career.

Oh, and Michael Johns! Not always my favorite, but he smashed it this time. Smashed. It. G'day! Mate!

The hub and I think Ramiele will be voted off. And you?


Amy said...

Oh please let it be Ramiele!

Carole said...

I agree that it should be Ramiele, but I rarely get it right.

I still like to hear Brooke sing, although I know she won't win. And I love David Archuleto's style of music. Last night, I dozed off and totally missed Jason's performance.

Tickled Pink said...

Hey Julie - I agree on everything you said regarding AI last night! I too think Ramiele will be voted off tonight. I think it is time for her to go. We shall see..I am excited about tonight!

Megan said...

"For the first time, David Cook wasn't able to rock steady.

The American Idol contestant was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital following Tuesday night's performance show after experiencing what were likely stress-related heart palpitations."
Read More

Jana said...

I've been predicting Ramiele every week, I think, so maybe this week I'll be right! Syesha, despite being very talented, is getting very boring. I actually groaned when I heard her song choice.

David A. was back in form last night. I suppose he had a tough time picking a song since Dolly didn't write any protest songs that I know of, but he picked a good one. And Michael was HAWT!

Julie Carobini said...

Megan--Well maybe that explains the different expressions on David C's face! I thought he looked a little bewildered (but cute)...but maybe he just wasn't feeling well. Bummer. Thanks for the link.

So Ladies, it looks like we're mostly in agreement about Ramiele, hm? And Carole, I forgot to mention Brooke. I thought she sounded great, but looked tense! Love her voice, though.

Timothy Fish said...

I think Ramiele's chances of staying are worse than the chances of success of your Amish chocolatier trilogy.

I'm not sure that I see much of a trilogy in it, but I thought your story idea sounded more interesting than some of the stuff I've seen in print recently. However, I think the part about the PMSing Amish women sneaking in weakens the story. You could leave them if the protagonist was the leader of the Amish in that area and he faced the problem of the degradation of his people because of the Amish chocolatier. He could start kicking them out of the clan, until he gets to the point that his wife and daughter are alll that's left, but then he discovers they have been sneaking off to get fudge too. But, if you do that, it sounds more like something I would write.

Megan said...

Julie -
I thought David C. looked a little bit off. But I just thought it was the haircut. I thought he looked pale.

Brittanie said...

My household thinks it is Ramiele's week to go to. I like her but there are others who are better singers. I think my favorite right now is Carly.