Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Somewhere over that rainbow

My thumbs are tired from all this AI voting!

LOVED Jason tonight! When he said he'd be singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I shouted at the plasma--shouted!--Nooooo! But then he sang that fun little arrangement and I got goosebumps. He's so quirky. And unique. My hub didn't get it, but he's a huge fan of Judy G's version, and anyway my enthusisasm trounced his criticism. So I win-ha.

Michael J always looks and sounds good, but his version of some Aerosmith song was awkward for me (especially those high notes). Kristy Lee C. gave a gutsy "do it anyway" performance. She's got spunk. David C--sang well, but the white "straight" jacket he wore threw me. Syesha always kicks it, although why does she keep picking ones from powerhouses? I'm nervous for her. Brooke! Who did your hair, my friend? (No worries, we've all been there.) Thankfully, her voice was better than the 'do! Carly has such a beautiful voice, I just wish her songs weren't always so angry. And David A.--talent, talent, talent--and a bazillion, teen-aged, screaming fans too!


Megan said...

I think I might have bad taste but I loved the white "straight" jacket David Cook wore.

Jason was amazing. I loved the ukulele.

Jana said...

Michael - same old same old. Good, but not spectacular.
Syesha - needs to stop trying to be Whitney/Fantasia/diva girl and find her own style quickly or she's out.
Jason - absolutely amazing last night. Loved it.
David C - not crazy about it. Hubby described it as, "That song at a David Cook concert that you sit through because you're there to hear the better songs."
Kristy - great job. She really connected with the lyrics, something Syesha hasn't done since "Yesterday"
David A - beautiful job. If he's not in the final two, something's seriously wrong.
Carly - eh, whatever.
Brooke - lovely, heartfelt, sweet.

I don't know who's going home this time - I'm thinking Syesha, but we'll see.

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

It's getting tougher. I think Jason doesn't have a great voice, but he knows his limitations and when he's given a wider latitude, finds better songs/arrangements that suit him. Plus he looks amazing. He'll go through.

I missed Michael's performance, but generally I don't care for his voice. He always sounds pinched to me. I'd like to see him go, but it seems to me that guys who don't deserve to be there stay around longer. I suspect it's because more girls vote and a lot pay attention more to the guy's charm than vocals.

Carly was disappointing and I think she might be in trouble.

Brooke, too.

I think Kristy is probably as weak a singer as Jason but has done a great job the last two weeks finding a song that fits her. Plus she's a pretty, pretty girl. I think she'll get out of the bottom three.

David C., I don't care for him. Yes, he does what he does well, and some weeks I've even liked it. Not this week. I'd like to see him go but don't think he will.

David A. is amazing. I didn't get goosebumps this week, but it wasn't a clunker. He's back on track.

So my prediction for bottom three: Carly, Brooke, Syesha.

And going? Carly.

I hate to say it. I think she has a wonderful, wonderful voice, but I don't think she's shown it off very well for three weeks or so. That's too long. And at this stage, someone good is going.


Dionna said...

I had to laugh. I commented immediately on Brooke's hair too!