Monday, April 07, 2008

Test your American Idol I.Q.

Found some random tidbits about this year's contestants. Match the trivia with the right person, and let me know how well you do :) Tonight, the Final 8 performs.

Okay, here goes:

A. This person's toughest obstacle in life is overcoming a house fire when they were in high school.

B. This person's spouse isn't going to cut their hair until he/she gets eliminated from American Idol.

C. The person this contestant would most like to meet is Keira Knightley.

D. One of this person's nicknames is "Lettuce Boy."

E. He likes chick-flicks.

F. This contestant's rituals before performing are to warm up, don't talk too much and to suck on a boiled piece of candy.

G. Before performing, this person always prays.

H. The person this contestant would most like to meet is him/herself in 20 years.

Carly Smithson
Syesha Mercado
Michael Johns
Kristy Lee Cook
Jason Castro
David Cook
David Archuleta
Brooke White

Answers here. No peeking ;-]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great questions Julie! You had me thinking. I did not make 100%, but I got a lot of them. I actually learned some interesting facts by participating in this quiz..haha! I am looking forward to tonight!!!