Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dodgers vs. Kristy Lee

I'm late in posting about AI, but I had a dilly of a headache last night, and as Syesha might say, "O, lo!" (Whatever that means ;)

Anybody's world rocked
over last night's show? It was kind of flat for me, or maybe that was the burgeoning headache talking. Let's see. David A sounded good, but maybe a bit breathless; Syesha's voice is amazing, but she's always going to have trouble with the judges and comparisons; I thought Kristy Lee sounded good, but probably not enough to keep her another week; Poor Brooke was shaking like a leaf during her performance--it must be exhausting to compete week after week (kind of like authors watching their sales numbers-bu-dum-bump!); Carly looked fabulous, didn't she?; There was some drama in our house during David C's performance so I had to watch it again to see what the judges were talking about; and Jason got a much better critique than I thought he would (phew).

I really, really think that Kristy Lee will go tonight, but I'll be at the Dodger game, so I'll have to find out via cell phone. It's Dodgers vs. the Pitts. Pirates tonight, and seeing as how my hubby's from Pennsylvania, there's going to be a competition of another kind going on. He'll be the one in yellow, and of course, I'll be the one in blue!

Let me know your opinions about the show and who you think'll go!


sarah said...

I do think that Syesha may as well say "Oh lo" (whatever it does mean) because she hasn't been doing herself any favors - disappointing as she's extremely talented.

Jana said...

It's some kind of Philipino phrase they all picked up from Ramiele. I don't know what it means, though.

The only reason I did such a thorough review this week is that I did it while watching the show. I knew I wouldn't feel like it this morning. :)

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

"Oh, lo"? Short for Oh, Lord, don't you think?

I'm afraid Brooke will go. But turns out she's a local girl. One news broadcast covered her family's Idol party and one woman (her aunt? grandmother?) said she votes up to 300 times!

Anyway, I love her voice, but I don't think these last two weeks have shown her at her best. She needs to get out from behind the piano.

Kristy sort of bristled, I thought, at Paula's suggestion she might be a country western singer. I thought her strong ending might save her one more week. Paula is right about her being smart. She listens to what the judges say and goes about doing something to improve.

So does Carly. She looked great. Seemed to make a concerted effort not to appear angry as she sang. And still Simon has some silly criticism--hamburger/bun. What nonsense. She was good. Not great. I think she's become too self-conscious.

David C. was good. I'm not sure why the judges are so excited about him. Obviously the audience connects more with David A. Not one of his best performances, but not bad certainly.

Syesha ... she's good, but she doesn't have the strong voice to match the songs she chooses.

Jason, poor boy. He's pleasant and knows to stay within himself.

Who will go? From here on, I think it's guess work. I'll make a stab. Let's say ... Syesha.


Julie Carobini said...

Ack--Becky. Hope it doesn't mean that. I was thinking more like 'Oh No!" without the "N". You could be right ;0

I agree with you and Sarah about Syesha. Also, I know that Brooke's not been herself, but I like her and have been in denial, lol. (That means, laughing out loud, right? haha)

Brittanie said...

I love Carly and I am scared for her tonight. Last night as I voted I got through really easy for her. I hope Syesha or Kristy goes before her.