Thursday, June 21, 2007

Snippets from the Central Coast

Oh, the wind and the waves, the majestic bluffs and the fabulous seafood. I just love Cambria, Ca. So sleepy. So relaxing. So go-jus. While various family members toured Hearst Castle, that mansion by the sea, my girlies and I hung by the Inn's pool. So easy going I could pinch myself. Wish we were still there, but alas, we're back.

That's okay 'cuz tomorrow the fun continues. Then on Saturday I have a booksigning. And I haven't decided what to wear :0

When my bro-in-law, niece and nephew leave, they'll take with them a piece of our hearts. It's hard to have family living so far away, but I'm glad we've had this chance to reconnect, to travel together, and even to share a hotel. Did I tell you that I spent last night wandering around, looking for a place to land? LOL Because of a late night card game, those of us wanting sleep dared not curl up in the suite's living room where the revelers hung out. Once the games were finally done, and the beds taken, I ended up with a comforter on the couch. Not to worry. Slept like a baby after a bottle filled with warm milk :)

Did I mention how much we'll miss them when they go?

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Vintage Wine said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

It's hard being away from loved ones. I wish I could have all my family & friends close to me all the time. I've just had a great day with my family and closest relatives! It's days like these that makes me feel loved and so happy to have them in my life.