Monday, June 25, 2007

Silently, I Fumed

Before (finally!) publishing a novel (I have mentioned that a time or two, haven't I???), I wrote articles. Actually, I still write them. Cut my teeth on article writing. Learned to "write tight" (yeah, yeah, bad grammar...) Even teach on the subject occasionally.

Anyhoo, I've got a piece in the latest issue of Focus on the Family magazine that I showed to my visiting bro-in-law last week. The title of this post comes from his fave line in this story, the one he repeated often throughout the week (mocking me, perhaps?)

Read here to see what I was fuming about, and why I kept losing my shoes. My poor hubby....;0


Sarakastic said...

Like everything else you write, this is brilliant

Damselfly said...


It all comes down to communication, doesn't it?

Dan Navarro said...

Nice article. What's this about "lurking fishers?" Does that mean guys who catch fish when they aren't looking?


Chaos-Jamie said...

Just saw this on their website and popped over to tell you about it. Man, am I behind.I am so loving those shoes, though. (Like you had any say in the matter, I know.)