Thursday, September 06, 2007


We may have record setting temps here in CA, but the cold & flu season has, apparently, begun. Today I'm standing next to Elem. Girl when a boy in the next line over announces that another boy had just "thrown up." So I did what any concerned parent would do...I turned to Elem. Girl and said, "Stay away from that kid." (After making a visual assessment that the boy in question was all right, of course ;)

The funny thing is, when I turned to my daughter, I caught eyes with another mother who had turned to her daughter and was saying, "Stay away from that boy." LOL Yeah, we moms have to stick together.

Off to take a double dose of Airborne and maybe throw in a little Zicam for good measure. Oh, and before I forget, here's a link with more info on that "World's Largest" booksigning that I'll be part of in Dallas. Sixty authors! Come say hi to the lonely girl, okay?


Anonymous said...

I've already informed my hubby that we will be bringing me to meet you. I don't drive in Dallas!! But I'll sure visit there :)

Dionna said...

Ugg. I hear ya. I always dread hearing of things going around - never wanting them to cycle through my whole family!

Anonymous said...

i could come, julie! i could meet you in person finally... it could happen! dallas is probably as close as you'll ever be anyway....

what's a 6 hour drive among friends>?!

(seriously considering - would that freak you out?)

Julie Carobini said...

No, HM! You would never freak me out, but six hours? Oh my!

I'd love to see you, though (are you bringing homemade oreo truffles, lol. kidding.) And if you find me snooze, there's always a tons of other writers around to mingle with. Let me know!