Monday, March 14, 2011

Otter Bay Novel Giveaway

Anybody else have a hard time waking up today? I kind of feel like these signs ... not sure which way is which. Nothing like losing an hour to throw off the body clock. At least I don't have babies in the house anymore (other than, well, myself :) Oh, how babies refuse to readily adjust to DST!

Ah, well. I'm getting ready to send out my latest newsletter, the one I write occasionally. If you're not on my list, here's a fun incentive: I'll be giving away a book to one NEW subscriber, and I'll give that person a choice of any of the Otter Bay Novels ~ including the forthcoming, Fade to Blue.

Sound good?

You can sign up on my sidebar, or over on the home page of my website. Feel free to pass this along to friends. I'll choose a winner on Thursday morning. In the meantime, I'm on the lookout for cool, coastal tidbits to put in the newsletter for ALL subscribers to enjoy.

Have a beachy day, my friends ~ wherever you are :)


Ronel Sidney said...

Sounds awesome!!!

LuAnn said...

I signed up!