Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On dreaming

I spotted a homely house recently (Get it? Homely? :). It's shaped like a box and painted a hideous color. Apparently, the owners planned it that way, so I guess they wouldn't agree with me. But yesterday, the sun was shining after the rain, so pre-teen girl and I drove by the offending structure so I could dream a bit. She snapped a photo, but how would that be if I posted it here? Probably not so good ~ ha.

So anyway, I told pre-teen girl that if that were my house, I'd paint it a soft cream color, add blue painted shutters and window boxes stuffed with flora. I'd also erect a grape arbor leading into the courtyard, and rip out all the succulents, replacing them with flowing vines. Today I added that I might even give the outside a faux finish, making it look like an old Tuscan villa.

My girl kept laughing at me, saying I was in the wrong business. She thinks my creativity should be applied to houses not books (apparently, I re-do a lot of houses out loud :-). Truth is, I probably wouldn't have the patience to flip a house, or move too often, so I apply my wandering mind to writing. It's like a sickness or something. Lol

By the way, this is a photo I took from inside a beach cottage near Kevin Costner's house. The folks who own it are getting ready to tear it down, and I'm so sad because I love it just the way it is! Go figure.

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