Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Dawn

Katie Cushman has the ability to write stories that conflict us as we find ourselves rooting, at different times, for each side of an issue. She's done that again with her newest release, Another Dawn.

I took this novel with me to pre-teen girl's soccer practice, and sat in my car, nearly biting my nails. At one point, I put down the book and texted my pal, Katie: "Your book has me so stressed out! Lol"

I finished the story that night. It was that good. I'd have told her in person, but we recently had to reschedule our once-every-few-months lunch date. (We like this place along the coast that puts lobster in all kinds of things: salads, sandwiches ... mac 'n' cheese!)

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention ... Another Dawn is partially set in Ventura. Love it. Here's the blurb from Katie's website:

Grace Graham returns to Shoal Creek, Tennessee with her four-year-old son on a short unpaid leave from work. Her goal: help her father recover from surgery, and spend some quality time with her sister.

But Shoal Creek seems more backward than ever after her years in California, and it's hard to find organic food anywhere. When the unthinkable happens and her son is diagnosed with measles, Grace's fears over modern medicine take a dangerous turn.

Worse, the town has fallen into quarantine and its residents focus their anger and blame on Grace. She is alone and scared, until one brave woman chooses to reach out a hand of forgiveness and mercy. But when the outbreak takes a life-threatening turn, will Grace be able to forgive herself?

You can visit Katie at her website: (or wave at us if you're driving along the central coast :).

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