Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I watched Brad propose to Emily last night. Well, I was actually beating Teen Daughter (haha...just barely) at a game of Words Free (an app on our iPods), while listening to the proposal. Anyhoo, the most dramatic season ever was not really. All season long we've been told in spoilers that Chantal won the man of her dreams, until a couple of weeks ago when someone spoiled the errant spoiler and let it out that, actually, Emily was the girl for Brad.

Far more interesting was the After the Rose show. Emily had a fire in her we hadn't seen all season (admittedly, I fast-forwarded through much of it, but still). Although Brad and Emily seemed very much in love during the final rose show, it was apparent that something had changed. The girl was irked.

Turns out that watching the show back over the past six weeks showed Emily things about her fiance that she didn't want to see. Things like him macking with other women and professing love for them. Stuff like that. How ironic that the show that brought them together is now tearing them apart! Or should I say poetic?

Brad told her that he fell in love with her early in the season, and yet while watching the show, this wasn't so apparent to Emily. She's questioning everything now ... Brad's promises, his sincerity, the reality of their entire relationship. Stuff that novels are made of, I tell you ;-) (Now you understand why I watch this show???)

Wonder if this story will have a happy ending, because right now, it's more of a cliff-hanger. Opinions?


Love of the Sea said...

I totally see her point but isn't that the nature of The Show? She had to realize going in that was the risk. It's almost like she is in denial on how they met. He is contractually obligated to go along with the storyline of the show.

Julie Carobini said...

True! Sounds to me like these two make a volatile pair, though. They must have gone 'round and 'round about what was true and what was TV. Hope they can work it out, but I'm not convinced ...