Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Groovy Links

Found this chocolate button on a post from this blog in 2006. (Man, I've been doing this a long time!) Good to know you can still get a fine virtual chocolate when you need one! It's only Tuesday, but I'm in the mood for chocolate breakfast. Basically, I've got a ton of work on my desk, but I'd rather play hooky and go to the beach. With chocolate. And another latte.

Speaking of good times, I started this blog at the request, no, strike that, at the urging of a blogger that I stalked visited regularly. HolyMama introduced me to the blogosphere before a lot of us even knew how to check our email. I read everything this quintessential mommy blogger wrote, often commenting, and she finally sent me an email and said ~ and I'm paraphrasing ~ get your own blog already! So I did. This was long before Facebook took over the minds and free time of most of the world, when moms had this sort of underworld where we talked openly about the joys (oh, the joys! haha) of motherhood.

HolyMama and I kept up for a long time, sometimes writing "off-loop," until life got in the way. Or maybe it was Facebook that got in the way. Then the other day, I decided to update the Groovy Links on my sidebar with some new pals and to delete "dead" links ~ those bloggers who had fallen victim to other social networks and had deleted their blogs. And guess who I ran into?

Yeah, an old friend. Maybe I'll send her a virtual chocolate :)

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