Friday, March 11, 2011

no tsunami here (so far)

Quick post about the central coast ... I learned the news about Japan right before bed last night, and prayed fervently for those poor people. Had a hard time sleeping thinking about it all. Also remembered that after the Chilean earthquake last year, there was a big surge in our nearby harbor. Lots of property damage, but people were a-okay.

College boy took the train home yesterday, so hubby said we could leave our cell phones off. (We always leave them on when any one of the kiddos is not home. It's just a thing with us.) I said, "No way." Had this weird feeling we might get some sort of surge along the coast again and wanted my phone handy. And my robe, haha.

So it was super surreal to wake up this morning to an emergency call from our city warning of possible tsunami. Ack. At least they gave us an expected time of arrival. I packed up the dog, and woke up college boy. The girls were already getting ready for class, and were much chagrined that the only school closure was the little elementary school by the beach. College boy, Charlie the Dog, and I headed to my parents home where we ate too much breakfast and watched the news.

We're back now and all seems churned up but fine, yay! There have been some VERY LOUD helicopters over our beach cottage, but they appear to be the news variety and not sheriff patrols. So that's good news (except that cameras just may well be snapping pics of the poor state of my landscaping ...)

Let's all keep praying for the suffering people in Japan!


Dan Navarro said...

If there was a tsunami here, I slept through it. Honest, the news from Japan came to me after I had awakened. Later on, we heard that the waves from the tsunami might even hit the California coast. Imagine! From an earthquake half a world away!

Anyway, the wife and I said a rosary for the people of Japan. We expect to be donating to their cause in the very near future.


Sharon Leaf said...

Great report, Julie. Wish I had read it yesterday instead of watching our east coast news. Glad all of the California coastline is safe. So sad for the people of Japan.

Sharon Leaf said...
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