Friday, May 07, 2010

Kickin' back ...

My parents gave me this Adirondack chair for my birthday (along with table and foot rest ~ yes!), and I love it. I love it because if it had a voice it would be saying, "Girl, get over here and sit a spell." (It's inspired by all the southern friends I've made lately ... :)

And I do. Not nearly enough, but I do. Last evening, after way too many hours in front of the computer and steering wheel, I grabbed my copy of Coastal Living and a cool drink and wandered outside to that chair beneath my palm trees. Very ahhh...!

What do you do to force yourself to take a rest without every leaving home? Feel free to send me a photo of your kick-back place and I'll try to post it here some time in the near future. Send to julie at juliecarobini dot come

Have a beachy day weekend, my friends ~ wherever you are!

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