Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chill out

So yesterday I found myself relaxing for a few minutes while sitting in my car next to the soccer field. Between my laptop, iPhone and stray signals that are easy to catch, working every minute of the day is a *snap* ... so no wonder we're all so tired! When's the last time you stared into nothingness? (and I'm not talking about prime time TV ... ;0).

One day my son noticed I hadn't updated all my apps on my phone, so he did that for me. (Sweet boy ... not :) The next think I knew, my phone buzzed (and buzzed and buzzed) every time I received a Facebook comment or like or wall post. Don't get me wrong...I love receiving those. Just not 24/7. Know what I mean? Last week I figured out how to switch off that feature, and now my phone has calmed a bit (and the battery's lasting longer too!)

My point is this:
We all need time to chill. I love this passage from Psalm 127:2 (The Message): Don't you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves? Yay, God! He created rest for a reason. I know that when I take that time, even if it's for a few minutes of watching the clouds float lazily across a nearby soccer field, that it's a GOOD thing!

Then, after that, I'm ready to tackle both life's work and the fun stuff like FB again. Can you relate?

Have a beachy day, my friends ~ wherever you are ... or else! :-)

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Rachel Hauck said...

Julie! You are so right. I am focused on chilling these days.

More heart and soul that physically, but all three at times!

Love, Rachel