Monday, May 10, 2010

Ducks on Kayaks

So yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day dinner at Duke's in Malibu. Eleven of us had a table right at the window overlooking the water. Why did I not get a picture??! Probably too mesmerized ... haha. Earlier in the afternoon, the girls and I headed to Venice Beach and hung out with my brother who lives a few steps from the canals. You might recall my previous post about the Venice Canals being a little piece of Italy.

So anyway, a beautiful day to walk the canals and looky-loo at open houses on the water. For a measly 2.5 mil, you too can have your own piece of paradise! My teen daughter was all over it. "We can relocate ~ you can write from anywhere, Mom!!!" Somehow I think she'd get tired of eating all those beans and rice ... :)

Took this photo on one of the north facing canals. Even though it looks like he's hit the water, that duck on the right is actually airborne. Funny, huh?

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