Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts on Idol

UPDATED: Who do you think'll go home tonight? Hard call, but I'm going to guess ... Siobhan. (I like her ~ just a guess!)

Okay, so last year (and the year before, and so on...), readers could pop in here after American Idol and we'd discuss the group of contestants, i.e., who rocked, who didn't, who might go home, etc., etc. But I don't know...this year's kind of dull. Maybe I've still been missing Paula, as I mentioned in this post earlier this season. Or maybe I've been sore that Alex Lambert got kicked off too earlier, as mentioned in this post. Or maybe the competition has just grown tiresome.

What do you think?

That said, I think Casey James is a cutie (and yes, dh knows I think this), and that Lee's got some interesting chops. I think Casey, Lee and Crystal are the ones with distinct voices, and that because of that, one of them will win it.

Just yesterday, teen daughter and I were driving along (and did I mention that she got her driving permit last week ???), and we heard a new song on the radio. We stopped talking and listened. "I know that voice," I said. It sounded warm and familiar. "Yeah, that's Kris Allen," she replied. I sat back. "Of course!"

So I guess we're watching with a more critical ear these days :-) ... how about you?


James L. Rubart said...

Lee and Crystal in the final. Lee wins.

Julie Carobini said...

Okay, so Jim, I'm printing out your proclamation and we'll see ~ Lol

Brittanie said...

I think we need a girl winner this year. The past two years have been boys. My pick is Crystal although Lee is good too. I agree this year is a little off. I am not sure we will watch next year when Simon's gone. :)

Tracey Bateman said...

Either she or Aaron will go home, I think. Not sure which.

Laura said...

I'm ready for Aaron to go home. I really like Lee and Big Mike.

Julie Carobini said...

Casey was in the bottom three, hmmm. Kind of thought the final three would be Lee, Crystal and Casey. Still could be. Laura and Tracey, I agree that Aaron might be the one next week.