Wednesday, December 30, 2009

shopping daze

So I've managed to do something I didn't do before Christmas: go to the three different malls two days in a row. Quite a feat for a non-shopper like myself (with a bad back too). But it's been kind of fun, actually, because most of the money spent was not mine, ha. The kids received all kinds of giftcards & cash and I've had fun watching them spend away.

And I did some observing too. One of my girls, the one who has plans for a career in fashion design, spent every cent...and borrowed some from me! (We did 'split' a coat, though). The other, my soccer girl, bought mostly 'needs' and has a bunch of moolah leftover (guess who I'll be borrowing from? Lol)

Here's the pic of the purple coat my eldest daughter and I bought together from Forever 21. She fell in love with it but it was over her budget. Of course, I crowed about how good it would look on me which caused her to bat her eyes and suggest that I split the cost with her. Sigh...wonder which one of us gets to wear it on New Year's Eve...? :-)


Shelley said...

The coat looks great - love the colour too (my fav)!

Julie Carobini said...

Hey Shelley, The pic doesn't do it's that pretty. I didn't wear it on NYE, but I did borrow her new boots. So life is good :)

Ronel Sidney said...

I am so NOT a shopping and my husband thinks it is super funny!!! I hate going to the mall and I hate shopping for anything :0(