Monday, December 14, 2009

talk soup

Started off the weekend with a busy signing for Sweet Waters over at the Ventura Barnes & Noble. Remembered to bring signage, candy, bookmarks, magnets...but not a camera. Argh. Didn't even think of having someone snap one with my phone. So here's one from the International Christian Retailers Show last summer in Denver (that's Patti Hill in the background, on the left).

I get nervous before book signings. Will anyone show? And ... what if people show? LOL Truthfully, I love to gab and always end up in interesting conversations, even though they're often in snippets. For instance, on Saturday, I talked with new readers and old friends about:

obsessive-compulsive disorder
the old neighborhood
Jane Austen
differences in fantasy vs. sci fi

Yeah, pretty much the same stuff that goes through my head in a NY minute! Ah ha ha!

So, it's the last week before my kids are out of school for 2-3 more (depending on the kiddo). I MUST write A LOT this week, so here I go...

Wishing you a beachy day, my friends ~ wherever you are :)


rebeccaluellamiller said...

Thanks for the report. Wish I could have been there.


Tim King said...

Best of luck on your writing. Wish I could've been there, too, but that's WAY out of my way. :-)

BTW, I hope you got the email I sent last week.